What is a “special needs” dog? “Special needs dog” is a broad term without a universal meaning. It generally includes a range of physical disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or behavioral issues, that require ongoing vigilance or special care or training to manage. Simply because a dog may have special needs does not mean they are incapable of being a well-adjusted, devoted, loving companion. It also doesn’t mean those needs can’t be managed with medication, or consistent, positive training. And amazingly, some animals who have physical limitations or challenges, adapt very quickly to their situation. For those who are willing to consider a special needs dog, know that you don’t have to be an expert. Just have the willingness and capacity to learn about your specific dog, its needs and how best to meet them.

Anna's Fund

Anna’s Fund is named after a tiny, but beautiful 18-month- old flat-coated retriever who was found as a stray in 2017. She was taken to a shelter where they noticed she had serious issues with one of her hind legs. Due to the severity of the injury, and because the shelter was a “kill” shelter, she was immediately put on a euthanasia list. Fortunately for her, before she could be put down, someone contacted WAAGR about this sweet little girl, and we decided we would pull her from that shelter and help her realize a long, happy life filled with love. Of course, before that could happen we had to have surgery performed to repair damage to her leg.

As you can imagine, veterinary services to repair a badly damaged leg are not inexpensive. Being a 501(c)(3), WAAGR relies primarily on donations from dog-lovers and fundraisers to help keep our doors open so we can continue saving dogs’ lives and finding them forever homes. We put out a plea on our website for people to donate to Anna’s medical expenses, and several kindhearted folks answered the call. Because of their generosity, Anna was able not only to have the surgery and make a full recovery, but go on to find her forever home with a wonderful family in May 2017.

WAAGR sees many dogs who need medical care, some which may be extensive, costly treatment. We believe that dogs with medical conditions deserve every opportunity possible to receive the medical attention they need, along with the chance of finding a forever home, like Anna did. So, we have established “Anna’s Fund,” to help ensure that there will always be money to help care for those dogs WAAGR gets in the future that require specialized, extensive, and/or urgent medical care.

To help us make sure that happens, please consider donating to Anna’s Fund. Just click the DONATE button below. It will take you to PayPal. There is a space for instructions where you can type in ‘Anna’s Fund,’ and be as specific as you wish about the animal for whom you are donating. As soon as you’ve made your donation, you will get a receipt via email. Anna and WAAGR thank you for your consideration and financial assistance.