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Surrendering a pet is a difficult, heartbreaking decision for you; and an equally difficult, sad, and confusing time for your dog. We consider our Goldens to be members of the family. Unfortunately, life circumstances sometimes change in ways that force someone to surrender their pet. Still other times, companion animals are surrendered because of aggression, or some other unwanted behavior. Before you give up on your pet, please consult a reputable dog trainer or behaviorist, your local animal shelter, or a rescue group for assistance. Your pet’s behavior could be changed with training, or simple adjustments in your home or how you are interacting with your dog. Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever offers resources and educational opportunities that can help you maintain the treasured and loving bond that you have with your animal companion.

But if you’ve exhausted these and the other resources mentioned above, and still feel that you must relinquish your dog, please read our surrender process and complete the Surrender of Dog Form, either online, or by printing, scanning and emailing it to, or mailing it by U.S. Mail to us at the address provided on the form.

When we receive your surrender information, someone will call you to discuss the situation and schedule a time to assess the dog, and/or pick it up. In completing the surrender form, we ask that you please be as thorough, complete and honest in answering the questions, including those about aggression and your dog’s medical history.

When you surrender your Golden to WAAGR you relinquish ownership and all rights to the dog. We require that you sign a Surrender Contract and that you, again, disclose any medical problems and/or behavior problems that your dog has had. The more information we have about your dog, the better our chances of successfully getting him or her re-homed in a loving environment where they will feel safe, secure and loved.

Finally, if you know of someone who must surrender their Golden, or Golden mix, please refer them to WAAGR. And, if you see a Golden advertised in the newspaper, in a shelter, or on an Internet list (such as Craig’s List), please contact us. If the dog is in a shelter, please give us the dog’s impound number, if possible, and let us know the shelter location. We ask that you not contact the shelter yourself, because the shelter may get numerous calls about the same dog. As a rescue organization, we have a working relationship with many shelters and veterinarians and they often call us when they have Goldens who need our help. But we also contact them when we hear of a Golden or Golden mix that needs placement.

Thank you for entrusting your dog’s care to Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever.

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  2. WISCONSIN ADOPT A GOLDEN RETRIEVER,INC. is a volunteer group. We request a donation to cover the cost of veterinary expenses, shots, spay or neuter, kennels, food, transportation, etc. Any amount you give would be greatly appreciated. A receipt of your tax-deductible contribution will be provided upon request.