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At WAAGR, we value each and every dog as priceless. Yes, we are a golden retriever rescue, but that doesn't mean that mixed breeds are any less valuable to us. Believe us, if we were able to, adoption fees wouldn't exist and each dog would be placed into the best, most loving home based on only their fit with that family. But, unfortunately that's not realistic and adoption fees exist. Because of this, our adoption fees for all dogs, no matter the age* or breed. This fee is $450 and is tax-inclusive. 
*Our one exception is a senior dog, which is any dog nine years old or more.  A senior dog comes into your home with immeasurable wisdom and experience, and to have to be rehomed as a senior means they've most likely been through some sort of traumatic experience whether it be their owner having to give them up, that they've never had a permanent home, or countless other reasons. It is our job to take care of all dogs, but especially seniors. Therefore, we only ask for a $100 donation for their adoption. 

Please note, the application fee is in addition to the adoption fee. 


Application Fee

WAAGR asks for a $25 application fee to process any adoption application. This is due once you submit your adoption application. Please note, you can not become an approved adopter until this fee is paid. 

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Adoption Fee

Adoption fees will be paid once the adoption contract is completed. 

Puppy - 8 years old: $450
Senior 9+ years: $100

Fees are tax inclusive

What does the adoption fee include? 

1. Our adoption fee covers all age appropriate vaccinations, as well as the spay or neuter of your dog.

If your dog is not able to be fixed due to their age or if they go directly to you upon intake, WAAGR will pay $100 towards the cost of their surgery, or cover the cost at one of our partner clinics. 

2. All WAAGR dogs are also microchipped before adoption and you can register the chip to yourself. Your new dog also comes with WAAGR tags. 

3. If your dog comes in with a pre-existing

medical condition such as an ear infection, we will work with you to cover those costs. Please note that not all pre-existing conditions will be paid for upon adoption. 

WAAGR is a 501(c)(3) organization

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