Adoption Fees

  • Age Puppy to 5 years...........$350.00 (+ $17.85 Sales Tax)
  • Age 6 to 8 years...............$300.00 (+ $15.30 Sales Tax)
  • Age 9 years and up.............$150.00 (+ $7.65 Sales Tax)
  • Pair through age 9.............deduct $75
  • Pair age 10 and over...........deduct $100

    Justy, also called Josie, is just under one year of age. Because she came from a hoarding situation she has never been socialized. She doesn’t solicit attention but will cuddle if you make the first move. She absolutely needs another dog in the household, preferably a young, self confident playful dog to teach Josie the joys of being a dog. She has so much potential if someone will take the time to work with her.

    WAAGR ID: #17026


    Campbell is a female mix, just under one year old, full of energy and fun. Because she came from a hoarding situation she has had little socialization. She’s a little shy at first until she gets to know you. Campbell doesn’t need a fenced yard, she walks well on a leash and would enjoy the dog park. She needs another dog in the household, especially a young self confident dog who could teach her so much. She would do better with older kids because she has never been exposed to very young children. We’re not sure about cats either.

    WAAGR ID: #17027


    Greta is a 7 year old lab retriever mix, spayed, up to date on everything and housebroken. Greta was surrendered to an Ohio shelter when her owner moved to an apartment. She loves to play fetch, loves her tennis balls, doesn’t need a fenced yard, loves kids and has been known to steal food off the counter if your back is turned. She’s about 62 lbs and in good health. Greta is not destructive when left home alone and she doesn’t need to be crated. She likes to cuddle. Since she is somewhat alpha she would do best as an only dog, or living with a non alpha male. We have not had the opportunity to cat test her. She still needs work when meeting other dogs when out for a walk. She tends to lunge and pull towards them. Our trainer has been working with her on that issue and she’s doing much better. Her new family will need to keep up the corrections. Greta enjoys the dog park, she’s not on a leash and that seems to make a difference when greeting strange dogs.

    WAAGR ID: #17028


    Cookie is a beautiful, 3-year-old spayed female who is up-to-date on all her vaccines. We believe her to be a Golden Retriever/Spaniel/Toller mix. Cookie came to us from Kentucky and has one of the sweetest personalities you could imagine. She loves hugs from people. She is housebroken and enjoys playing with other dogs. She is also good with kids, but because she has a very strong prey-drive, should probably not be in the same house as a cat. She loves to watch nature, especially birds and squirrels. Cookie will need a home that has a fenced yard – ideally a taller wooden or vinyl fence as she has been known to scale a chain link fence and ignores underground, electronic fencing. If the fence is too short, she would be able to clear it. Cookie loves the outdoors and would rather be outside exploring than inside the house. Because of that we are working with her on her recall, so she focuses on commands, rather than on whatever else is outside for her to investigate. She has selective hearing right now, so we’re working with her on that. Cookie is a very sweet girl; it’s just her sense of smell and adventure that might be a problem unless she has the right home and owner who is willing to work with her on that.

    WAAGR ID: #17023