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Image by Erda Estremera


Giving up a pet is no easy decision, so we first want to apologize if you're in a situation that forces you to consider this option. Surrenders stem from so many different situations from owners passing or other medical problems, to a dog/family mismatch. Please know that there is no judgement here. We admire you for looking into safe options for your dog instead of untrustworthy alternatives.
If you've made the decision to surrender your dog, please fill out our form. If you just want to talk to someone about the possibility and discuss options, please reach out to us here.
As you always have done, we advise you to do what's best for both your dog and yourself or your family. 
When a dog gets surrendered to WAAGR, we ensure that they go to the best home we can possibly find. We know he/she has been dear to you and won't take that lightly. We have a list of numerous families just waiting for the opportunity to give their new family member the best life full of love. We take each dog's personality and past experiences into consideration to place them in an environment that they will feel most comfortable. 

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