WAAGR's mission is to provide bright new beginnings to displaced Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes. Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever is an all volunteer/member Golden Retriever rescue organization serving the state of Wisconsin and parts of Illinois. WAAGR was established in September 2004 and was given 501(c)(3) status in February 2005.

Our first dog was rescued in May of 2005.

WAAGR has no paid staff and depends on the generosity of individuals that want to help provide a safe and happy life for Golden Retrievers that for whatever reason have lost their homes. Our volunteers/members do what needs to be done to help these kind and loving animals find the perfect home. It is our belief that education and staying involved in our communities is the key to great placements in great forever homes. If you would like to become a member or volunteer with WAAGR, please click here.


WAAGR dogs come from as close as next door to as far as China. We take in surrenders from families that can no longer care for their golden, but luckily, that doesn't happen often. We maintain relationships with both local and national humane societies and serve as a resource for them if they cannot take in a golden in their area. We work particularly close with Pets Going Places in Texas to bring golden mixes to Wisconsin. 

A few years ago we also started working with a rescue in Puerto Rico. After the recent hurricanes there, many families had to leave without taking their pets. While many stray dogs roam the streets, dogs that had homes also found themselves fending for themselves.

In 2019 we started our newest outreach program- saving dogs in the Chinese meat market. See below for more details!


China Dog Initiative

There is so much sadness involved with the dog meat market in China. Every day, truckloads of dogs are dropped off for slaughter. Purebred golden retrievers, along with many other breeds, suffer unfathomably painful deaths. Since 2019, WAAGR has pledged to help bring these dogs to the United States where they can start their new lives. We work with several other rescues to arrange transports, flight volunteers, and necessary paperwork. The cost of saving a dog from China is approximately $1,000 per dog. These dogs come here knowing nothing, and start from the beginning to learn how to be a dog. So far, we've rescued 9 dogs from these horrific conditions. 



PRESIDENT                    Mary Schmittinger

VICE-PRESIDENT                  Sue Janowski

SECRETARY                       Theresa Neitzel

TREASURER                     Richard Kennedy

FOSTER DIRECTOR           Karen Congdon

RESCUE DIRECTOR                  Holly Roge


AT LARGE                              Dave Effinger

SOCIAL MEDIA                 Amelia Abraham

DIRECTOR                                          Twing


WAAGR is always looking for new people to add to our team. Whether it be bringing your dog to an event, fostering, or helping keep in touch with recently adopted dogs and their families, there is a place for you at WAAGR! Check out our volunteer page for more details!








WAAGR is a 501(c)(3) organization

Dog Seller License No. 268245-DS

Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions

 • Tel: 414-517-7725 • Email: info@waagr.org
Mailing Address: 12605 West North Avenue, #285
Brookfield, WI 53005

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