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There are so many ways an individual or family can get involved with WAAGR. Whether you want to get your hands dirty and help transport dogs or would rather work remotely and help with social media, any help is greatly appreciated. If you'd like to help from afar, donations are always a great way to support the organization. If you have extra time or resources on your hands, we would love to have you help us. 

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There are several different ways to donate.


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Donate the amount you'd like at the time that is best for you.

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Would you like to be able to help a family be paired with the perfect WAAGR dog? Sponsor an adoption fee here. 


Matching Gifts

Some companies offer matching gifts where if you donate, they will match your donation. Search for organizations here. 

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So simple you can set it and not have to worry about remembering to donate!

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Whether someone has passed or you have a dog you love so much you want your donation made in their name, it's sure to be extra meaningful. 



Check out our supplies list on Amazon! Make sure you are shopping on Amazon Smile with WAAGR as your selected charity! 



Below are just a few ways that you can become part of the WAAGR team. If you have an interest in another area, a passion for something, or just want to learn more, please fill out our volunteer application and let us know how you'd like to help. 

  • Fundraising

    Raising money in various ways  such as grant writing, personal outreach, or our holiday appeal are essential in order to save our dogs. Our costs can sometimes exceed our adoption fees, so we always need financial support. 

  • Transports

    Whether it be a short trip or an overnight one, most of our dogs travel to us via transport volunteers. This would be great for someone who likes to drive or ride along, and be hands on with the incoming dogs.

  • Logistics

    So much happens behind the scenes that keeps our rescue running. This role is great for someone who wants to dedicate their time but maybe isn't able to travel as often for other roles. These are unsung heroes!

  • Home Visits

    Communicating with potential adopters is so important! We do background checks and visit homes when we can to ensure our adopters are the right fit! Even data entry is so crucial for keeping up to date information.

  • Specialty Committees

    Social media, events, and more! No matter what the capacity, we appreciate any time you can dedicate to WAAGR. Let us know what you would be interested in helping with; we'd love to have you! 

  • Join the Board

    Would you like to become a leader of WAAGR?
    We are always looking for members to take on a challenge such as a board position. Reach out and we can help find the perfect fit for you! 

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Fostering is a critical part of maintaining our rescue as we don't have a brick-and-mortar building. If a dog isn't assigned an adoptive family before they come into our care, we rely on our foster families to welcome them and give them a home until we find them a forever family. 

Fostering is hard work, but it's one of the most rewarding ways to give back. It's not uncommon for our dogs to have less than ideal pasts. More times than not, they don't know what love is. Fostering is the first taste of love that they will have, and fosters get to experience that first hand. They have the ability to give that dog a new start, and sets them up for success when they find their family. 

As a foster family, you have the flexibility to choose when you're able to welcome a foster dog. If you have a vacation planned or are in a busy time at work, you can choose to wait. We appreciate any time you're able to give. 

Foster families provide the food for their foster dog, but WAAGR can ask for donations if needed. If you need toys, collars, crates, etc., we are happy to work with you. 

Without fosters, WAAGR would not exist. 


WAAGR is a 501(c)(3) organization

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