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The most rewarding part of being involved in a rescue organization is being able to see dogs that you've help save, now experiencing a life full of joy. There's an unbelievable amount of gratitude when you see a picture of a dog that was once scared to be touched, now sleeping upside down on their living room couch enjoying a peaceful nap. 

Along with the heart-melting moments, there comes a time when every dog crosses the rainbow bridge because unfortunately, no one can live forever. These dogs are forever loved and never forgotten.

They will always have their place in our hearts.  

Please take your time looking through just a few of the countless stories that WAAGR has been a part of, and if you have a WAAGR story

of your own to tell, we'd love to hear about it below. 

Happily Ever After

Stories of WAAGR alumni since we were formed in 2004.


Rainbow Bridge

WAAGR alumni that have passed away, but their spirit will always live on. 


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