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From September 15 through November 30, any donation to WAAGR in the amount of $20 or more (via physical payment or online through WAAGR's website) is eligible to receive a discount code for a PaintNumbers paint-by-number kit!

*Note: November 1 is the last day to order to get your kit before Christmas!*


Support WAAGR and receive a single-use 20% OFF code to create your very own work of art! Painting by numbers is a classic way to express your creativity while capturing your favorite memories. You choose the image to paint, and the possibilities are limitless!


This is a special opportunity! Finished paintings size choices are 16x16, 16x20, 20x20, and 24x24. You can paint any image from a photo you upload directly to the website. The sky is the limit!

- Your WAAGR dog, or ANY pet!

- Your home, childhood home, cabin

- Scenery or landmark from a special trip

- Family members and special family moments

- Any photo of your choosing


Click here to make your donation. Once the donation is made, please email with your name, date of donation, and donation amount. You will then receive a discount code via email that can be applied to your purchase at


You will be supporting our rescue efforts, while also creating your own masterpiece. This also makes a fantastic gift for someone on your Christmas list! Spread the word to others so they can support WAAGR and experience this fun experience by going to!


Portrait sizes include:

- 16x20

- 16x24

- 20x20

- 24x24


Kit includes:

- Paint set (about 24-32 colors, depending on picture provided)

- Printed, numbered high-quality linen canvas

- Set of 3 paint brushes

- Hanging kit

- Wooden stretcher frame (if selected)

- Printed copy of image to cross-reference numbers


Q: Can I submit more than one photo?

A: The code we will provide you a 20% discount for one photo per email address. When you place an order, the website will offer you a code for 15% off your next order.

Q: What if I have friends who are interested?

A: Tell them to go to to make a donation and then email to receive their one-use code so they can support WAAGR and join in the fun!

Q: How much does a kit cost?

A: Before the discount, the prices range from about $48 to $75. You can also add on a stretcher frame for $10-20. Shipping is $2.99 for regular shipping and $4.99 for special shipping.

Q: How long does it take to receive my kit?

A: It takes 3-5 days to have your photo digitized, numbered and color-coded by the artists, and then 15-20 days to ship to your home address.

Q: Will the picture be an exact image of my photo?

A: The artist will translate the image to canvas to create an effective paint-by-number picture. This may include altering the background to allow the focal point to become more distinct.

Q: What if I have questions on my order?

A: Once you place your order, you will work directly with the paint-by-number vendor for any questions or concerns.

Q: I have never done a paint-by-number, or at least not since I was a kid! Is it difficult?

A: There are a lot of paint-by-number tips and tutorials on the website to help you get started and to build your confidence. It’s easy and relaxing, and you can paint at your own pace. The image printed on canvas is quite detailed, so take it one color at a time, and you will be amazed as your picture comes alive!

Q: What happens if I mess it up?

A: Your kit provides a printed copy of your image with the numbers, in case you need to check your work. If you find that you painted a wrong number, you can paint over it with the correct color. If you smear your image, you can wait until that portion dries so you can paint over it.


We cannot wait to see all of your beautiful paintings! 

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